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Paepae o He'eia reaches milestone, 20 years of restoring pond, and people

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

"While the long term vision is to grow fish in the pond, I think we have been growing people for the past 20 years and that still needs to happen," - Hi'ilei Kawelo, Founder of Paepae o He'eia.

Twenty-years after a group of Hawaiians set out to bring the He'eia fishpond back to life, restoration of the pond's wall is nearing completion. With work to begin growing fish upcoming, Paepae o He'eia staff remain steadfast in their teachings designed to help residents re-learn what it means to be a part of Hawaii, and how contributing in ones community can be a benefit for all.

“"There's still need in our community to, you know, we need to change out our government altogether. We need the right people in there, we need our people in there, our people that understand aina, that understand our environment," said Kawelo.

Watch the full interview with Paepae o He'eia Founder Hi'ilei Kawelo here:

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