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"The Malama Mentality," Brenton Awa and supporters rally in Ka'a'awa

"Change doesn't start when one gets into office or steps into a position, it happens as soon as one chooses to go forward with a purpose," said Brenton Awa via his Instagram page.

"My purpose is to be a voice for locals, to do all I can to make our lives better, to push greed out of Hawaii and bring back the "Malama mentality."

This is my home, the very street I grew up on, and this is a tiny fraction of the people I'm doing this for. This is for the country, for all of those who feel they've never had someone to vote for, all who've had to move away and hope to one day return, for everyone struggling, and all who are tired of excuses.

There is no political party, politician, nor amount of money or individual benefit that will ever deter from this purpose. We come with a can do, find a way or make one attitude and believe our worth ethic is second to none.

We will push to prevent outsiders from buying our homes, thus limiting competition for locals and leveling prices. We must educate our children for life and teach them simple tools like how to set a budget, and how to grow their own food. We need to farm our Ag-lands to sustain our community rather than re-zone those lands for financial gain. We will hold government leaders accountable, and use our influence to ensure locals are hired for state jobs.

And we will be there, in each and every community from Kaneohe through Waialua as we've been since opening this campaign and as I've been my entire life.

Changes are already in progress, it's only a matter of time until they come."

#AWAFORSENATE #MalamaMentality

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