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ILWU Hawaii Longshoremen join the campaign in Waialua

May 21, 2022 (Waialua District Park)

Brenton Awa via Instagram:

"Hard work and sacrifice attracts hard workers willing to sacrifice @nikovitalemma When I came out of the news, a number of opportunities to make money were there, including stevedore, but a number of signs pointed me towards giving up all financial stability and using the talents and skills I've been blessed with to help better our community.

I make on average less than $1k every two weeks, but teaching life skills to students has been most fulfilling.

I make $0 when doing stories, but the changes they lead to have been most rewarding for those who've felt they've had no voice.

We pay the price every day to instill positive change right now, and when the election comes, give locals a real chance to be represented in the State Capitol by one of their own.

We've been riding a giant wave of support that's been reflecting all we've been putting into this. Mahalo to the ILWU Hawaii Longshore Division's ohana for spending their time with us."

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